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No reason to love someone! If you can explain why you love him? Then it’s just like but if you can’t then that’s love!


When you are close to someone, he will become your very own without your knowledge! And when the distance between you and that person increases, then that person will become a stranger.


Love is an affection where a man sees one woman as different from another woman and a woman sees one man as different from another man.

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No one knows where in the world love is hidden.

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If the love is true, then if the distance increases, the love does not decrease, on the contrary, it increases.


No matter how distant the location, the soul will match in the invisible.

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Everyone falls in love, some reveal it, and some hide it.

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If the feeling is right, then the relationship lasts forever.

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A person who does not know how to value others’ feelings can never love anyone.


I’ll break up the whole world, just tell me you love me once.

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People who are not affectionate should not be loved.

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An arrogant lover forgets that a lover can be touchy too.


If you love someone, love so much. So that he doesn’t need anyone else’s love in his life.


I find love even in your anger.
That’s why I make you so angry.

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Another pain for singles is to frequently check people’s relationship statuses.

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That is sweet love. Where lover and best friend are only one.

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If someone hurts someone by loving him, he also hurts himself.

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I listen to my mind, but the mind doesn’t listen to me.

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Never be a prisoner of the past, be an artist of the future.

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Thank you for giving me grief.
If you had not burned me, I would not have been a brick from the ground.

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Relationships are made with feelings,
Emotionless relationships are formed in the evening or at night.
But that relationship broke down.
In the storm of a moment or when the interests are gone.

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People are not birds!
Who will pet him with love and put him in a cage?
Leave him! If he really loves you,
It will come right back to you at the end of the day.

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Someone has broken you, you will end yourself now.
Instead of doing that, change yourself a lot, give priority to your dreams, your wishes.
You will see that the person who left you, will wait to see you once, and will regret why he left you.
Make yourself that way.

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You can leave if you want, but you can’t come back if you want, so think once before you leave.

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No one forgets, the need ends, so no longer keeps in touch.

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The higher the demand, the more unhappy you will be in life.
Because demand does not allow people to sleep in peace and live in peace.

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