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Who dwells deep in the heart, He doesn’t have to say everything. If you say a little, he understands.

Every day in this world is a possibility. So every day people move forward with possibilities.

Too much beauty doesn’t last long.

I gave my heart only to you, to get you, I have opened the door of my heart because you will come.

There is nothing as holy as tears. By the touch of this water, all impurities are removed.

More proximity creates distance. It is better to stay away from loved ones. A relationship is not fixed it is changing.

If you can make someone laugh, he will trust you and he will start liking you.

There are some people whom you meet Really make the mind better.

When the desires of our mind and heart are united, we feel very happy.

The speed of love increases in the sorrow of separation.

What you get without asking is always worthless.

If there is no sorrow then happiness can never be experienced.

It is not possible to explain the exactness of any beauty on paper. To understand beauty, you have to stand face to face with beauty.

As the day comes at the end of the night, so joy comes at the end of every sorrow.

Foolish people are argumentative. They always want to cover their mistakes with arguments.

Money is like magic. The world becomes yours if you hold it.

The journey in life never ends. After a long journey, no one stays still even after reaching the destination. He started running again on another job, another way, another destination.

Be honest, Will definitely be happy.

Humans have a strange ability to be happy. He who knows nothing is the happiest in this world. Life becomes complicated when you understand more about the world.

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